Saturday, July 19

What? I Set It Too Early?

This morning is packed full of crap I need to get done. The first being the Wife's brakes on the van. I had set an appointment for the brake place for 7am, and decided to get up at 6:30 to make the appointment time. Good job me ... I set the alarm for 6. Now I have wasted 30 minutes of time I could have slept.

Pretty worn out as it is. The past two days I have put in probably 4 hours extra at work (2 each day). I hope this is only a temporary situation and not becoming the norm. I know there was a big stink by the boss early last week about the CSRs not setting the appointments once parts came in, so they were to concentrate on that rather than new service calls. Which created the huge amount of parts I have had to pull and deliver. Thursday was a bad day ... I pulled 10 fridge doors, and had to deliver eight of them. Doesn't sound like much, but these doors are bulky, large and can weigh up to 75 pounds each. After having to pull it, load it and now carry it, to a van, at least 8 plus times, I get pretty tired.

Tonight I am hanging out with my buddy Don. His birthday is later this week, and he has gotten in touch with some other co-workers and people to get together tonight for his birthday celebration. No, not really a party. I don't know what to call it. But it will be nice to hang with a few co-workers we like, outside the office. Plus, there will be some drinking.

The Daughter has come into town for the weekend. I have no clue what her plans are, so haven't been really able to make any specific to her. Maybe dinner out on Sunday before they head back to Safford.

Guess that is about all I have today.


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