Tuesday, December 9

The Sound of Dentistry

This morning I am actually looking forward to going to the dentist. My regular check-up is not scheduled until later this month, but I had to schedule an emergency visit due to some pain. I am a bit worried about it, as the pain was pretty solid since Friday, though was able to be minimized a bit by ibuprofen, until this morning, where it doesn't seem to be bothering me at all. But still, I will be going to attempt to find out what the problem is. The location of the pain seems to be centered around a tooth I recall the dentist saying he was "keeping an eye on", though, the one behind it just had a crown put on it in July, I fear that the seal (of crown against tooth) is broken and now requires a root canal. That would be my luck. More expensive, and where a preventative measure did not work Sigh. I am getting all down int he dumps about it.

Even worse, being an emergency type scheduling, I will be later getting into work today, so will be rushing around all afternoon trying to get somewhat back onto my normal schedule. Doubt it will happen, which will make me be later in running my route tonight. Joy. But maybe the tooth issue will be fixed ... I hope.

Still having some back pain. I did pick up a new pair of shoes with support on Saturday, and yesterday my back seemed to hurt not as bad as before. I know it will take several days to get things back to normal, if it was the shoes causing the problem. By the end of the week I should know for sure.

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