Friday, December 12

Full of Nada

Yep. Got a whole lot of nothing to write about today. My back is still bothering me, and I have no clue as to what I have done to it, or how to fix it without going to some sort of doctor - which I probably won't do. Maybe all I need is a good couple of days to rest it, but we know that is not happening soon. This weekend is full of finishing up some shopping, and that's it far as I am concerned. Hopefully have it all done within a couple hours on Saturday, then have the rest of the weekend to do whatever.

No company Christmas party for me. There wasn't one last year either. Last year we got $20 Fry's gift cards (Fry's food stores). This year, all I know is Thursday they are having Olive Garden brought in for lunch. The Westside techs, because the shop is across town from them, are meeting for breakfast that same morning at The Place, which isn't a bad breakfast place at all. My boss, who is spearheading both meals, said I could do both, since I live on the westside, and then I could have lunch as it is when I go into work anyways. I told him no, as I felt it was taking advantage of the company, and he looked at me funny. I know. It's weird, but I feel like that would be taking advantage of a nice thing the company is doing - why should I be the only one allowed to have both meals for free? I am not saying I don't deserve it ....but still.

Toothache is still there ... sort of. I remember back when I had braces, and would go in for an adjustment (tightening). For a week afterwards my mouth would be sore due to the teeth being adjusted to the new position. This is pretty much the same thing I think. It is less pain each day, but still enough to be an inconvenience. Hopefully by the first of the week (or sooner) it will stop. Otherwise, I may have to have a damn root canal, and I hate thinking about that.

Wow, for a whole lot of nothing, there was something.


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