Friday, December 26

After-Christmas Fall-out

It is back to work for me today. The Wife has to return to work as well. The Daughter and boys have headed over to the MIL's house for the day, and I am working on waking up, even though I did go to bed early last night. I should find me something to eat for breakfast, and get my shoes on, though I don't need to leave for at least an hour yet.

Christmas. I have said many times before about how much I dislike the commercialization of the holiday. Even still, it is nice to see some family, and then be able to leave. We did our usual - ours, MIL's, then RM's places for the exchanging/opening of gifts. Everyone seemed to like what they received. Had lunch at RM's - nothing fancy: ham sandwiches, home made potato salad, some kind of cranberry bread. It was good and simple, which I like. The youngest son has been sick the past couple days, so was a bit worn out (I thought) yesterday afternoon, but upon arriving home, he proceeded to put together several Transformers toys he had gotten (snap-together pieces). The older two boys played on the playstation 3 (?) their sister brought up. The Wife had a migraine, and passed out for the rest of the day/night. I was tired enough for a nap, but felt if I did, I wouldn't sleep good that evening, so I played some WoW.

Yeah. Nothing tremendously standing out about the day, but it was a good one anyways. Back to work today, then the weekend off. Next week is New Year's, but we don't do anything special for it. I have RM talked into maybe making my family some ribs and cole slaw for New Year's, but haven't decided for sure yet. I probably won't, even though I was giving her some grief about not making either this year. I hope she knows I do it in teasing fun, and that I enjoy them that much. If not, she does now.

Got some other things to do before work.


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Rev Mom said...

LOL yes, I know it was teasing - but as I said, if you want to buy the ribs - I'll make you the ribs and coleslaw - just give me a heads up ahead of time. I'll need the ribs the day before. I just need to know....