Friday, December 5

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

My back has been bothering me again. I can't seem to grasp the idea, that something I have done so recently (ie. moved the wrong way, or "slept crooked", or lifted something wrong) is causing all this discomfort. Of course, since I have four hours of time to basically just "think", I believe I have figured out what is causing the pain.

My shoes.

About three to four weeks ago, the pair of shoes I used for work had worn/torn a hole in the side of them, basically making them unable to worn to work. Unable to get out immediately to replace them, I fell back on the pair of shoes I had used prior to the recent pair, as a temporary solution, until I got as chance to get to the store to get a new pair. The difference between the two pairs of shoes, was quite drastic, the newer pair having been a shoe more designed for those that are on their feet throughout the day. Basically, I believe my body adjusted to the added padding/support, which the earlier pair did not/does not have, thus, after a week of having to "readjust" to the old pair, my body has created this back pain.

Even the Wife thinks this may be the case, and she's a physical therapist, so it has got to be a leading cause. That first Saturday a couple weeks back, I had been wearing my sandals (it was a Saturday morning) and we all know they have no support, but I think it just brought out the aggravation my back was dealing with, in adjusting to returning to my old shoes. Obviously, I have not had a chance to get new ones yet, but will be doing that tomorrow. So now I need to get through today with a sore back. I have been lucky most of the week there has not been many heavy parts to be lifted.

I'm off to find something for breakfast.


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