Friday, December 19

Weak Comeback

I have been sick the past couple of days. Some stomach bug. Started Wednesday at work, where I proceeded to be sick, but stuck out the rest of my shift. Thursday I called in sick - something I haven't done in years. I spent all day yesterday pretty much in bed. I didn't want to sleep all day, thinking it would be hard to sleep that night, but could not help it. Sleep decently last night. Today I am returning to work since the fever is gone and I am able to hold down food. Still a bit weak feeling, and achey, but I really don't want to miss any work.

The Boys are officially on Christmas break from school. I guess RM is going to have them over part of the day tomorrow to do her annual cooking with the grandkids time. I believe she has other times planned for my siblings' kids as well.

Not much else to say today. Not looking forward to work.


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