Friday, September 30

End of an Era

Today ends my Birthday month. It has been quite the party, but like all good things, it has reached its end. Anything major happen in the last 30 days? Well, aside from me hitting the ripe age of 45.... my Redskins (1-2) finally won their first game (and hopefully the start of a good, long, winning streak). The oldest son had his first car mishap (explanation later on). The temps in AZ have been below 100 for over a week now. I can't think of much more that would be worthy of mention.

So, about a week ago, the oldest son, new to driving (on his own) as he has only had his license maybe a month, had his first accident. Thankfully he wasn't hurt, and there wasn't much damage. Seems on his way to classes one morning, another driver was "driving pretty fast, faster than the speed limit" somehow glanced off the Son's passenger front fender. Minor dents, pushed in the wheel well area a little, and luckily didn't rip the bumper off, or break the headlight assembly. The wheel well was pushed in just enough it would rub the tire when he hit a speed bump. When I got home that night, I was able to pull it out about a half inch, and he said later that did the trick so it isn't rubbing anymore. The worst of the whole situation, is the other driver didn't even bother to stop AT ALL. Our guess was they were probably un-insured, as too many seem to be out here. That, or possibly even illegal. I felt good that my Son handled himself well, and wasn't hurt. Bonus was that the car wasn't damaged so bad it would not be able to be driven. I just bought that thing!

I had a Doctor visit this past week. Nothing to do with age, just a 3 month check-up following being released back to work after the back injury. Doc wanted to go over blood results from a draw I did last week, for this appointment. Liver activity was high, as were the Triglycerides. I got the usual quit drinking, quit smoking, lose weight speech. I had gained 3 pounds. Got a prescription for something to help lower/manage my triglycerides. Was stressed at to quit/cut-back on the drinking, to be sure I don't get cirrhosis of the liver, or pancreatic problems. Well, the birthday month is over, so the drinking will slow down again. I'm going to be more aware of portions and what I eat. I am sure the alcohol intake being reduced will help with the weight loss.

Supposed to be 96 degrees today. I'll still use the AC in the truck until the sun goes down. After that, it feels nice to be out and driving. Work is the same. have a new tech starting soon, and just had one go on medical leave - ripped his bicep muscle. Probably be out 4-6 months. Saves me about 20-30 minutes of driving to/from his house. He is the furthest out I go to.

Guess that is about all I got for now....


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