Tuesday, September 13

I'm Beat

This week has started off pretty crappy. Yesterday (Monday) I had an oil change scheduled for my truck. I set them up so I am the first one at the shop at 7:30am, and it also gives them time to check the truck over and if something needed has to be done, I have a couple extra hours before needing to be at work. That also means, I need to be on the road about 6-630am to get to the shop in time, as it is across the Valley from mt house. Yesterday started out normal enough. Left at 6, dropped off the middle son at school, and was on the freeway by 6:15. In Phoenix, the two major freeways (I-10 & I-17) cross at two different points, one going through downtown, one going more around it, then joining back up. By the time I hit the "Stack", the 10 was already backed up, so I stayed on 17 - a normal occurrence for this trip in the mornings I have done previously. Four miles down the road, I hit the parking lot.

Actually, it was worse than a parking lot. At 7:30, the time of my appointment, I called the garage and said I was running late due to a rig had overturned, closing the freeway pretty much. They said no prob. An hour later, I called back and told them I had only moved a mile and a half, and I needed to reschedule. We did for Friday. I continued on, heading to work (same direction) just to avoid the problem later in the morning. All in all, it took 3 hours to get to work (a normally 45 minute drive).

Needless to say, I was more tired than usual from getting up earlier. Then add the sitting in traffic waiting tiredness. I was pretty beat last night. This morning, still feeling tired, too.


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