Wednesday, September 14

Slow Moving Mornings

My birthday was just shortly over a week ago. I turned 45. This morning's aches and pains, did not just suddenly appear once I hit that age marker. The arthritis and other general pains, have been present for years. Though they may be more persistent and stronger now, they are still not debilitating. Hence, me still going to work. I do admit, however, this morning found me wondering how much longer I will be able to do this much of a physical job that I do now.....

It is barely past 7am this morning, and I find myself awake and aching. The other night Preacher Tom had texted me asking about breakfast this morning. We had fallen out of our routine of them more often since I had a weirder work schedule due to vacations. I'm guessing he feels it has been awhile since we had one. Personally, I would rather the sleep-in time .... but we all do what we can.

The middle son broke the screen on his phone awhile back. Reverend Mother had given us an old phone she had, an iPhone 4s, that they no longer needed. We just had service to it turned on when we added him to the plan. No insurance on the phone, so of course he gets the screen broke. Found a repair kit online for a decent price, and it arrived the other day. I sat down after work last night, waiting for him to come home from band practice, thinking I would get it done. Not a chance in Hell. Just reading through the instructions informed me the whole process on average is 45 minutes (experienced techs) they also recommend watching the video (on YouTube at just short of 35 minutes), and then watching the video as you do the repair. No way was I doing all that at 9pm. I told him it would have to wait until Saturday.

Oh shit. That reminds me... something going on Saturday. Thankfully you could not see, but after several minutes of pondering (meaning slapping my forehead) I remembered that the Daughter and SIL are coming up this weekend. Saturday I set aside for dinner out with them.

So between the aches and pains of getting older, memory losses or shortages, Life can sometimes be good.


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Rev Mom said...

just an fyi - Stevie had ordered an extra 4S screen to fix Haileys when Stuart ordered her a new phone instead. Unfortunately, he won't be home until Thanksgiving, but he knows how to put the screen together....