Monday, September 19

And Here I Go Again ....

.... too bad it isn't like the video from Whitesnake.

It is Monday once again, and I am up earlier than I feel I should be. I could be sleeping for another two hours, but such is not my luck today.

The middle son got a new phone this weekend. The iphone he had, I had gotten the replacement screen. Saturday I went to do the repair. Needless to say, it got messed up and it wasn't working anymore. I didn't even complete the repair. The flowchart sent witht the kit, the video and the flowchart on the video did not even match each other at all. So I quit after the 2nd step (removing 5 screws) and tried to put it back to together (5 screws) but still something went wrong and it wouldn't even power up. Need less to say, he got a Samsung now, with the phone plan insurance on it.

Nothing else much to say. My Redskins suck it seems this year. Already 0-2, and I am losing hope fast.


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