Tuesday, September 6

Holy Crap! It's September Already!

I hadn't fully realized that it had been a month since I last wrote anything here. I know that Life has seemingly been keeping me busy ,,, or if nothing else, my schedule is nuts.

Today is the 6th, and follows the Labor Day weekend. It also marks my 45th birthday. Normally, this day would be a normal work day for me, except of all the texts, Facebook notifications, and calls that have come in, preventing me from sleeping in to my regular 9am wake up time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them ... just appreciate the sleep prior to work even more.

So what has happened in the last month? School started for the two younger boys. The Oldest Son started college and got his drivers license. The Wife and I ... we got to work jobs and pay bills. Nothing new there.

Went out to Olve Garden for my birthday last night. Had a good meal. They had the Eat one there and take home special going on, so I have Raviolis for tonight ... but no OG salad. I even brought home some of the pepperoni fettuccine Alfredo I had (and the rest of oldest Son's, too) that I may have prior to going into work today.

Guess that is about all I have today.


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Joe said...

Happy birthday, Ralph