Tuesday, May 31

Nothing Better To Do ...

Up early this morning. Pain was pretty bad waking me often through the night (again). Just waiting now for the doctor's office to open so I can call to get an appointment with him, and get this MRI done. I am hoping for both on the same day....

Overall, I felt fractionally better this morning, but still a long way from being fixed.

Okay, enough about me.


Update: My PCP is not able to get me in until Monday (six days from now). I cannot schedule an MRI without seeing him. I cannot renew prescription for pain without seeing him. Pill rationing has gone into effect, just in case.

On the good side, my Boss has got my paperwork started for work comp. I went down to Concentra (urgent care for the company) and did a whiz quiz per company policy. They did not require I list any drugs I have had, meaning I am sure the morphine will show on the drug screen. Good thing I told the Boss they gave it to me.

Boss said he is coming by tonight to pick up my truck and keys as they have arranged another worker to get my deliveries done until I am able to work again. I wonder how long that will be....

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