Wednesday, June 1

Been Taken Away

My boss came by the house yesterday. One would think he was doing it out of concern for my health, but it wasn't. Not really. They took my work truck, keys and gas card away from me. Then he sent my replacement driver on his way before really asking me how I was doing. I sound like I am making him out to be a bad person, but he isn't. One of the best bosses I think I have ever worked for in all the jobs I have been employed. We spent several minutes talking about how soon I can get to the doctor, and what we think the procedures might be. He has no contest about it being work comp, and is pushing everything through for me.

In the meantime, I am slowly going stir-crazy. I haven't been cooped up in the house for this long in ... I don't know how long. At least the boys aren't here fighting, and making me crazier. It sucks not being able to drive right now - due to meds, and the pain of trying to get in/out of the car. Besides, where would I go?

Since I don't have anything planned until Monday, I am sure the writing here will become few and far between again.


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