Friday, June 3

There was this bar ....

So I broke down last night. No, not my vehicle ... me. I went up to the pub. I had not left my house except for mandatory things (like my whiz quiz on Monday) so I needed to get out. It wasn't much different than me stumbling around my house. I couldn't drink enough to ease any pain, even the one I was having.

But it is Friday. And I am up early, waiting on that 9 o'clock hour so I can cal Human Resources. I just want to make sure my paperwork is all good for the work comp, and get info for billing so I can give to the hospital, and my pcp on Monday. Should I be so lucky? I don't know. Never been down this road before.

Afterwards, I am headed to the 99-cent store for food. I can't find anything easy to make here at home. Works fine when I work until 9pm, but no hot dogs?!? It will hurt, but for a good cause.

That's about all I got today.


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