Friday, June 17

Good News/Bad News Friday

For those of you that work M-F, I am sure you are happy today is the last day of the work week. For those that work longer than Friday, due to work schedules ... yeah, I get ya. Being out of work pretty much make today like a Monday ... or any other day pretty much. The only difference is that the Wife is not home all day.

Either way, I feel like I have a day that is packed full of stuff that needs to get done. I have to be at my PCP's office for a blood draw sometime between 9a-12p. Per my work comp insurance, I need to see if they will do a voucher saying when I saw the doc, that I was unfit for work. Since my PCP doesn't do work comp claims, I am sure they have nothing in my file ... and the doc just went to Hawaii until the 27th. I see him on the 28th, hoping he releases me back to work, and I know they will want a release voucher, too. Wonder if he could back date the one...? Wouldn't be lying, just didn't do it until he got back and found out I needed it .... right?

My last scheduled (as of now) PT visit is this afternoon about 2:30. I have been doing the exercises he gave me, and hopefully today he will say he doesn't need to see me anymore. I'm hoping anyways. I know I feel so much better after seeing him already earlier this week.

Then if I got time in between all this, I probably should run my car through emissions. Registration due this month on both our vehicles. Only the Wife's has the engine light on, so need to get it in to the shop to find out what is going on, if anything, and get the light off before her emissions.

Wow, only three things that make the list today, and only two of them NEED to get done. Yeah, this sitting at home crap is driving me nuts.


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