Wednesday, June 15

I'm So Butt-hurt

No. Really, I am. My buttocks are sore from the physical therapy regime I am going though. Today was the second visit, and he says I have improved quite a bot just since my visit on Monday. He added a couple more exercises for me to help build up better abdominal and lumbar support, and have another visit scheduled for Friday. That may be the last one for me. I asked him who releases me back to work, and he said my PCP, not him. My complaint about that, is I don't get back to my PCP until the 28th. So looks like a couple more weeks off work.

I am feeling so much better now. Walking without the cane. No hurting pains in the back, though the lower back, buttocks and hips are sore from the muscle stretches, etc, the PT has me doing. Now I just need to get started in some weight-loss regime....  

Well, need to get ready for the dental cleaning I have next, and the Middle son's cavity work...


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