Monday, June 27

Back To Work Soon!

I finished up with the physical therapist last Thursday. Tomorrow morning I see my PCP, and should get the release to return to work. I'm a bit excited about that. After a month off, I am going stir-crazy here at the house.

It has been a pretty crappy month for us. About the time my back went out, our freezer quit working. Nothing like the smell of rotting food to bring it to our attention. Saturday, took the Wife's van in to have diagnostics done (the engine light was on) and find out it is the catalytic converter. The place we took it won't replace it as the system is "welded in". Then Saturday night, our wall oven decided to take a quit ... luckily the Wife was able to finish getting dinner made before it died ... or as it died. Today, my last "free day", I have taken the van to Firestone, but they won't touch it. however, the referred me to Midas. It is there now, and I am at home waiting to hear the estimate. They said it would be an hour or two. Thankfully, Preacher Tom is available today for the ride home, and one back when it is ready. So, back, freezer, van, oven ..... I'm scared as to what may be next.

My PCP will be going over my blood test results tomorrow. I know it will be bad: bad cholesterol high, good will be low. Not sure about the A1C (diabetes) as years previously I had been borderline, but was slowly lowering it. Blood pressure will be discussed I am sure. He will probably up my dosage on the meds I am taking. And again he'll bitch about my weight.

July 4th is coming up next Monday. No plans here. The Wife will probably have to work that day.


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Rev Mom said...

my wall oven died last month.... finally went to home depot and ordered one... ended up costing about $1500..... the one we had was about 50 years old and the wires frayed - they pulled the breaker as if I used it - could start a fire. If you want to put it on my charge... you can make payments.... I have a coupon no interest if paid within 18 months....