Monday, June 6

Oh Joy, It's Doctor Time

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Most nights, once the head hits the pillow, I am out pretty fast. Last night it seemed I just had too much stuff on my mind to let it go to fall asleep. I am sure most of it has to do with today, as I finally get to do my follow-up with my PCP. Granted it has been over a week since my ER visit, at least I am able to get an appointment. I just am not sure what will happen. The Wife says that an MRI will not happen for a few more days once the Dr sees me, as they have to get all the info "in a row" before they will schedule it. I don't know how it works, I have never had one before.

I spoke to HR on Friday. Mostly to check that they had all the paperwork needed from me in order to get the work comp stuff rolling. They said yes. I would assume there would be some long claim number I needed to reference when seeing the doctor, but no. Just the Insurance company name, and my social as the claim. Sounds almost too easy.

Overall, I am doing a bit better. I haven't felt the pain bad enough for the Percosets since Thursday. I have been getting by with ibuprofen as needed, not around the clock. Since get pain spasms when I cough/sneeze, certain movements that cause back twisting, etc. I have not tried to pick up anything per se. It will be interesting to see what the Dr. says about a time frame to return to work. I know I need to call my boss after the appointment to update him on what the doc says and recommends.

Three hours to go to the appointment. Guess I need to find something to do to entertain myself until then.


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