Tuesday, June 14

Slowly Getting Better

Yesterday I had my appointment with the physical therapist. For almost two hours he evaluated me. Worked up a good sweat. At the end he has me doing a handful of small exercises a few ties throughout the day, with a return visit for Wednesday and Friday. The impression I got was by Friday, I may not need to return to him at all. Which means that is a good chance I will be back to work soon. But just because the PT clears me, I don't know if that means I can return, or need to see my PCP again, as that won't be until the 28th.

Other than that situation, I am feeling better. The back, having to wait a week for the PCP, and then another for the PT, has slowly gotten better on its' own. Today I am sore in the buttocks and lower back, mostly due to the stretching of muscles the PT has me doing. It is supposed to help loosen, and strengthen the lower back muscles, etc, to help prevent future injury and to heal this one up better.

Sunday we had family get together to visit with and Aunt and Uncle that came to town. Everyone seemed to have a good time. They A&U are out of town again with PT & RM up north for a day or two.

Nothing much exciting is happening otherwise. Off to do my exercises...


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