Monday, July 25

Chaos Rules!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic. Adjusting to being at work again. The back is holding up well, though we are in the slower period of the year for the business. I have not had to lift many heavy objects, which is even better, as it gives me more time. One of the guys in my dept. took vacation last week, so I had to put in a few extra hours .... like 10, so that 50 hour week was a bit long. Overtime is over time, and though our pay periods aren't matched to a Sun-Sat week, it will average out that I get a couple hours overtime for two pay periods. Beats the 36 hour weeks I was having. By winter, I should be back up to about 42 hours/week. Yes, we get that busy.

We bought the oldest Son a car this weekend. It was off of Stuman and his wife. We went to a DMV office this morning to get the title changed to his name, but couldn't. Seems even though the registration is good until December, they said it needed a new emissions done prior to changing title. Which means we will probably have to pay registration fees on top of everything else now as well. Either way, we ran it through emissions where it passed. Now to get back to get the title changed, but due to other things going on, may not do it until Wednesday. then setting up the insurance....

The middle Son is at band camp this week. Tomorrow is his school registration (hence why it may be Wed to do the title thing). Two weeks until school starts for the two younger Sons. The oldest Son is to be getting ready for community college, but I have not seen him do anything yet.

Guess I should get out of here. It is almost time to head to work.


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