Wednesday, October 7

Wait. How much does it cost me?

I think every teenager, or son-to-be ones, start hating this question early. I know at my house, the daughter *still* hasn't learned to provide that info up front when asking me about something. It is almost the first phrase out of my mouth every time, answered with "I don't know" from her.

Well, not every time. But it sure feels that way. The Wife and I have been pretty well blessed, even with the economy today, and the job market (interpreted as my lack of a job) we have been able to "get by" and still do extra things family-wise. OF course, sometimes that means just going out to eat considering the size of the family.

So what brought up this topic today? Nothing really. Just me thinking. Saturday the daughter has her SAT testing scheduled. No one has mentioned the need for a possible fee. I am sure there is going to be one. Isn't there for everything when it comes to college prepping? And no one (meaning the daughter) has provided me (read as The Driver) any idea what time and exact place she needs to be. Evenings at my place are going to be repetitious for the next few evenings I am sure.

On the growing up side, the daughter is supposed to "instruct/teach" the 11 year old son how to operate the mower and weed-eater Friday evening. She has had the 'employment opportunity' of landscaping maintenance for the past few years, and now they pass on to younger shoulders, to allow her to prepare for Life's 'real work' ahead. This should be interesting. Wondering if I can find a place to take pics and listen in without them noticing too much.

Enough of my rambling. On to other important matters....

I wanna throw a quick shout out to MLAH over at this place. Someone had the balls to stand up for the Cowboys (though we will never figure out why...). Go give them a quick read. I did, and had a few laughs, too.

I received some email this morning from a family relative. Sorry Reverend Mother, but the desire to share is here. I was informed that today is SYBSTD. For those of you not able to figure out them acronyms, it's Show Yer Buddies Some Titties Day. So, (might as well end reading here RM, and go to the next site) here ya go to all my online buddies!


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