Thursday, September 12

It's What For Breakfast

This morning found myself up and awake early. My work truck is having the windshield replaced (again) due to a crack that started. The only time the guy could come by and do it was 'too damn early' o'clock (meaning before my usual rise time of 6am). Needless to say, at least it is getting done. The windshield had been replaced just under two weeks ago, but I noticed a crack had started two days ago. Looked like a stress fracture, but after closer examination, there was a chip close to the seal. Heh, the glass guy just called me to go over basic instructions (crack the windows when shutting doors for a couple days, leave the tape in place for at least X amount of hours, etc.).

So, all this early time and what have I accomplished? Well, got the oldest boy to school. The alarm is about ready to go off for the Wife to get up, and she will be leaving then with the two younger boys. That leaves me thinking of breakfast. I should just have a banana and a granola bar, but I am craving something greasy ... like Denny's breakfast skillet. or some thing with sausage. I'll probably settle for the banana and granola bar.

I hear the Wife is up and moving now, so I guess I should get off here to help get the boys up.



Rev Mom said...

LOL re-read your last sentence!
On a positive note - your windshield if fixed! And you should always crack the windows a small amount so that it doesn't heat up and explode inside.

Ralphd00d said...

Heh. I didn't notice that, and spell-check said it was a word. I better edit the "e" to the word "her".