Tuesday, September 17

Blah Blah Blahgen

The Wife is home again today. Almost makes me wish that there were more old people getting hurt and needing her services, but not really. Her being home doesn't disrupt much of my routine. I just get funny looks when I heat up some leftovers. For breakfast.

For some reason I didn't sleep well last night. I have vague recollections of some pretty vivid dreams, and an hour ago, I could have told you what they were, and why I had them. For example, there was one where I was showing my oldest son how to get from the airport to an AFB on the north side of the Valley. Except, there is no AFB there in real life. And the scenery around us had deciduous trees that are not common to Phoenix. Forests of them. Like I was driving in the mid-west. I am sure that snippet of dream was because last night on my route, I was thinking about how soon they may move me up off the route driving and was thinking about training a new person. Not that there is any talk of me being offered a position otherwise, I just think it may happen around either my 90 day, or 6 month time. I guess that is me being optimistic, a rarity for me.

I have nothing else for you today.


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