Monday, September 23

What's On My Mind

*crickets chirping*

Yeah. Not a lot on my mind this morning. The weekend felt pretty long, or I had enough things going on to make it appear that way. I am actually sort of worn out feeling this morning. At least, some of my joints are telling me I am (elbows, fingers and back). Or it might be that I am just getting old.

There isn't much I feel like talking about today. It's not going to do me any good to complain about how I feel the Government is doing (or not doing) their job, to gripe about the situation going on now. Would you care to hear my opinions on the Presidency, and how I feel the current person is doing? I didn't think so. How about the current ear worm.

Yeah, it's been stuck in my head for the past couple days. I had watched the movie some time ago (meaning months) and have been hearing it quite a bit of late on the local radio stations here. I saw some clip of a video yesterday, that said the best way to get rid of an ear worm, is to do a puzzle. They showed someone doing a crossword, or word search, in the video. I tried it last night, but every time I stopped working on my crossword, then think 'Maybe it really does work,' the song would pop back into my head. Perha[s there is a certain length of time needed to make this trick work.

Last week I got a new phone from my employer. It is a nice Galaxy Note II, and is the first smart phone I have ever had. I have been playing with it over the past few days, and am actually impressed with some of the stuff you can do on it. With the phone came a blue tooth, car charger, and protective case. The Wife and I have been discussing getting the oldest son a phone soon. He is fifteen, and we wonder if he is ready for that responsibility. I know my siblings have given their kids phones years ago, but the Wife and I are different than that. Since I got this new phone for work, I think we may give him my old phone, though, I have had that number for so many years, if anyone needed to reach me, he would have to relay them my new number or something. Or we could spend $50 plus to get him a phone, and add him to our plan (about $40 more a month). I suppose we will need to make a decision soon. Maybe.

Welp, I am going to skedaddle. Got things to do and all that nonsense that isn't true.


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