Friday, September 20

Feeling ... Groovy

Huh. I woke up this morning in the usual way - the Wife shaking me awake saying it is time to take the older son to school. Nothing unusual there. But now that I am back home, I am realizing I am feeling a bit weird this morning. Weird in the way that I feel wide awake (I am not a morning person) and have that "ready to face the day" attitude. Definitely not my regular self. Maybe the Wife slipped me some experimental drug in my Jack in the Box last night.

Either way it is Friday, which means I am off work the next two days. Today the work load will be fairly light, as we were ahead of the mess yesterday, so I was able to complete some of the stuff needed to be done today early. The company has given me a new phone, too! It is one of those Samsung Galaxy Note phones, so is so damn smart, I can't figure out how to use most of it. I will have to find some Dummies book online to download so I can figure out how to do some of the cooler things with it. I'll be keeping my regular dumb cell, as this one is a work phone, but I can use it for personal use as well. I guess now I have conformed to society too much, and will be carrying two cell phones around now. Sigh.

I don't believe this weekend has much going on for us, aside from trying to get things done that we weren't able to get done during the week. I am working Saturday night for the UFC fights at the pub, so I can keep my discounted prices there. With closing up there late, I am not sure about going to the softball games on Sunday. I think  I may prefer to get some sleep.

It's only 6:30, but I need to get things moving if I am going to be on work on time. I know I need to go to Verizon and get them to transfer the contacts from my old phone to the new one, so I don't have to enter them all by hand. Then I need to get some other things done.


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