Monday, September 9

Running Out Of Time

I forgot how important time is to myself. Having had so much of it available over the past few years of not working, now that I have a job again, I need to prioritize my time. I noticed this yesterday, as I was sitting at the pub, waiting for a couple of my buddies to meet up with me. I had brought my Kindle, and was reading, when one buddy, who had just shown up, commented that I don't have as much time to read as I did before. And it is true. It is taking longer to get through a book, as I don't have the time I had before to read. It's a bit depressing. Especially when I add in that I need to still set time aside for family, etc, before my reading time. I know it is just part of dealing with life, but I am a bit out of practice.

This past weekend has been the first one I have not worked in quite awhile. The security job I was doing at the pub, well, I told the owner I could no longer do it. Fridays because I would be working until late, and Saturdays, I wanted off to be able to have some family time. Plus, spending Sunday trying to play softball on 2 hours of sleep would be impossible for me. Plus having to spend the whole day Sunday, catching up on sleep, just to start work again on Monday. Yeah. Not happening. I offered to work an occasional Saturday, when they need extra guys for like the UFC fight nights, but he hasn't given me an answer.

Saturday night we had gone out to eat to Wingstreet (Pizza Hut basically) and I have to admit, it has been quite some time since we have ordered Pizza Hut. We used to have it delivered back in the day when I was working, and could afford the cost of their pizza. Either way, we all love the stuffed crust, and so I decided we would go there that night. I think it will be our last time. The waitress was ... I can only describe it as vacant. I couldn't tell if she took our order, and would even write it down. Getting refills was terrible. I actually had to bring our glasses from the table to the main counter and ask for them. Getting the tab took some time, though she did say it was due to having issues with the gift card we were using (a Pizza Hut card at that). So, crummy service. But to go with it, we ordered two large meat-lover's, stuffed crust pizzas - the same as we used to order back in the day. It's what we got, but the bottom crust, was paper-thin, and greasy ... dripping greasy. Now I don't mind me some greasy pizza, but this just made eating it by hand near impossible. Of course, we had no forks. Bottom line is that we decided to not eat there anymore, and give our pizza business back to Little Caesar's.

Today, it is rainy in Phoenix, and per the radio weather report this morning, it is to be raining off and on all day. Great. Just what I want to do - get in and out of the rain while doing my route today, and dealing with drivers that do not know how to drive in rain. And deal with possible street closures due to flooding and accidents. Sigh. But we do need the precipitation.



Rev Mom said...

How did you handle the driving in the flooded areas?

Ralphd00d said...

I didn't have to really drive in any ...