Tuesday, September 10

Getting Washed

Phoenix tends to be a dirty town. On a normal day, one is able to see the haze that hangs over the Valley, created from all the dust from traffic, construction, dust devils, etc. Gives that nice brow haze/cloud look over the city. But when it rains, it cleans up that haze ... for a few days. Today, we are entering day two of the rain forecast for the week. Currently, it isn't raining, but we are to expect scattered showers over all parts of the Valley. Meaning for me, I have no idea what I will be driving in tonight. Yesterday wasn't bad. By the time I started my route, the sun was out, and I only caught portions of some light showers. Most of the street flooding had taken place earlier in the day, when the rains were constant and heavier. I even saw a couple pictures, each from opposite sides of the Valley, where vehicles were submerged in puddles, or flooded out areas.

Here in Arizona, we have the Stupid Motorist Law. Basically, it says that if you purposely drive around barricades, or into flooded areas, and have to have medical/emergency vehicles/personnel assist you, not only will you be billed for it, but are also possibly liable up to $2000, like a fine. Personally, I think that should be much higher, as we tend to have many stupid people here in the state, and those are the ones that are legal and can read English. Most times I just snicker when I hear them toss out the warning, "Take notice, the Stupid Motorist Law is in effect" every time it rains here. I shake my head disgustedly. Idiots.

One of the better things I like about the rain, is it brings down our temperatures. This morning as I drove the oldest son to early hour band, they announced it was a cool 72 degrees across the Valley, with a high today expected of only 89, due to the cloud coverage. Of course, the extended forecast jumped those temperatures back to 100 by Friday. And with the humidity? Oh, it is going to be so not nice. I sweat enough without the humidity.

Well, I am off to catch up on some television.


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