Friday, September 13

Gotta Love Fridays

Most people enjoy Fridays. Mainly because it is the last day of their normal (Monday-Friday) work week, thus meaning their next two days are off. That sentiment is not lost on me. I get that same deal. Today is just going to be a bit longer than most. Today I get the joy of going into work earlier, as we are short-handed in the shop. It is either that, or be later getting out on my route, and tonight I cannot be later. In fact, if anything I want to be done faster. Why? Our pool team is having a small party tonight at the pub that sponsored us. It starts at 7pm, but I won't be able to get there until closer to 9, if I am running on time. Maybe a bit earlier if I am running early, but I don't see it happening. I have two days of deliveries today (Saturday for those that work that day, and Monday).

I found out that the Wife is off yet again this week. The census numbers (number of patients they need to work with) has been low the past couple of weeks. I guess they have been flip-flopping who takes the day off, as no need for all of them to be there. Today is again one for her to take. Which is good. I have been forgetting to deposit my check for the past few days, and she can do that while I go to work early. you wouldn't think I would forget to deposit a payroll check, but that is how things go. Forget about it until I am on my way to work, then it is too late afterwards. Hopefully my direct deposit will kick in this week.

Off for some breakfast.


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