Tuesday, July 9

Twiddling Thumbs and Other Forms of Amusement

I have a routine for most mornings when I awake to face the day. Aside from answering the usual call from Mother Nature first thing, I generally amble out to the computer and fire it up. While it is doing the regular boot-up sequence, I get me a cup of coffee, or something, and by the time I return, it awaits my attention.
From that point, my mood dictates what order I going through my regular things: email, Facebook, Goodreads, doing the blog, etc.

This morning, I am here (at the blog) a bit later time-wise, but earlier than normal by routine. I guess one could say I was a bit more bored with things, though, it took me longer to do some of them. Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me either. I think it is because of my notebook. I keep it near at hand when I am at the computer, for when I come across a book I want to get, or I see a release date for a book I want, and I want to mark it down to remember it. This notebook, is for my books only. I have a separate notepad for other random notes. I have the notebook broken down into months of 2013, that lists in each month, the books that are released that month for series I have read, or authors I like. It's really quite interesting.

And I will admit, I don't purchase all my books. I find them using P2P sites, torrents, etc. I would never be able to afford all of them. Does that make me a bad person? A 'pirate'? Is it stealing because I didn't pay for it? I don't think so. A library card is a free thing, and I could read the book through the library, so what's the difference? And I am not saying I don't buy books at all ... Sometimes I can't wait to read them, and I buy them before their release date.

I spent time going through my list of books for July this morning. There must be about 20 on my list I would like to get. I found 3 of them searching around this morning. Many are not out yet for July (it is only the 9th). I even found one book from last month's list, and another from my General list, that is books already out. Kind of a good morning. Reminds me I need to read more so I can get to these books.

The youngest son is home with me today, and currently, he is still asleep. It's only about 8:15 so I will let him sleep on for a bit. Nothing major planned this week, except to get more reading done.

Anyone one else use torrents, or have certain sites they use for their ebook downloads?


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