Friday, July 12

Drama At The Office

For all the years that I have been going to bars, the one consistent has been all the drama when one becomes a 'regular' at one. I mean, the stories you hear about what so and so did the other night, and how trashed what's his name was ... it gets old after awhile. I used to pride myself that I was never part of the rumor mill, as no one seemed to have any "trash" on me. To this day, it still is that way.

The pub I work security at, is a decent place. Obviously I like the environment and the other workers, or else I would not go there as much as I do. I get along well with all the workers, even if there are one or two that I don't particularly care for. Being the door guy, it seems most of them make it out to me for a smoke break and spend it by letting go their gripes about other employees. My usual reply is something along the lines of, 'Sorry. But no idea what you want me to say.' I don't like the fact that they share so much with me, but it is somewhat interesting that they do. At least I can sort of see the fires coming before they happen.

I am sure tonight will not be much different. Wonder who I will hear about on the verge of being fired, or breaking some other rule, or is spying on so and so for the owner. Sigh. Sometimes it is such childish stuff.


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