Thursday, July 18

Not Forgotten

I have been neglecting the ol' blog of late. Mostly for lack of content to post. So much for my rule of 'try to post something every day' that worked for so long. I have no excuses, and actually, I am not trying to find any.

Today I pick up the middle son, as he returns from his first camp experience. For some reason, I have truly missed him while he has been gone. Here I thought we would probably not miss him being gone, but I have. Of course, I don't have to tell him this. Wouldn't want to feed his ego any.

I have started watching the HBO series called "The Newsroom". I don't know why, but I have enjoyed it immensely. I will probably end up watching the rest of season one today.

See? I told you I didn't have much to write about ....


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