Monday, July 22

The Near Ending of Summer

Friday evening turned out to be pretty nice, for Arizona. There was a nice 15-20 minute downpour that happened in the area of the Valley where I work. Followed by another 20 minutes or so of steady rain. Though the night ended up feeling sticky due to the humidity, it was nice that it cooled down, and provided some needed precipitation. Saturday brought out a little more drizzling, too. Basically, it looks like what we call the monsoon season, has returned this year, even if we didn't hit X amount of days meeting Y requirement, as per the new formula they use to calculate when it starts.

The oldest son starts Band Camp this week. They are a bit behind schedule, and thus, there is a pretty bust schedule for the next few weeks before the actual start of school. It brings about the end of summer pretty much for him, as most of these days will be filled with practice for this fall season.

Today the middle son is staying home with me. He has already woken me up to ask about playing on the computer. I told him there were other things that could be done besides playing on the computer, like cleaning, or reading, or whatever. He was not thrilled I wouldn't say 'Yes' to the computer. I gave in and let him. I know he will spend most of the day on there, which is fine with me.

The middle son's and the Reverend Mother's birthdays are coming up soon here at the beginning of August. The Wife and I have been trying to come up with ideas for the son, as to what to get him for a gift (s). So far, nothing much has come to mind. As for the RM, I never know what to get her. I know she is planning on a dinner out somewhere, that all the kids (with their families) come to, as she enjoys the whole getting together thing. I always feel like a hell if I don't get something, but I am bad about shopping. I know she is happy with just a card and our attending, but my conscience doesn't let me live with that. I suppose this next week I will have to try to get out and find something for both birthdays.

One of my good friends is turning 57 tomorrow. I have known him for 15 years, and coincidentally, he is 15 years older than me. I plan on getting out for a drink or two with him to celebrate. I should stop at Walgreen's and get him a card as well. Another good friend (of both of us) hits his 57th this November. I just find it a bit weird that it has been about 15 years we have known each others, and they are that number of years difference in age. I know it all will change once next year gets here. One ofthose rare number/year things I guess.

Welp, guess I should head out for now.



Joe said...

next year it will be 16 and 16.

Ralphd00d said...

Actually, no. It will be 16 years I have known him, but still 15 years between our ages.