Monday, July 15

Tidbits of Nothing

Here it is the middle of July already. If I am not mistaken, until recent years, the monsoon season herein AZ would be starting about now. They used to say t started about July 15th, and lasted through some date in August. Now it is calculated by X number of days above Y temperature. Shrug. Doesn't matter. But the past couple days have felt 'sticky' even though it isn't monsoon season, and yes, I know it is a dry heat, but we do get humidity sometimes. Trust me, with all the sweating I have done the past couple of days, we get some humidity.

The middle son is gone for most of this week to camp. He left yesterday morning, and is due to return mid-day Thursday. Today I have both the other boys at home, so hopefully with there just being two of them, the fighting and bickering will be at  minimum. Next week the oldest starts BandCamp and will be gone most of the day.

Gee. I can't think of anything else.


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