Friday, July 19

Twiddling Thumbs

Another Friday has come around, and at the 8am hour, I am just feeling blah. Not like sick blah ... just sort of, empty blah. I suppose I need to 'catch my wind' and get the energy to do anything today. The middle son made it home from camp yesterday, and I let him stay home today since he has been gone nearly all week.

Last night we had a band parents meeting for the oldest son. His school hired a new band director (thank goodness!) just a few short weeks ago, and he wanted to introduce himself, meet the incoming new students, and explain band fees, etc. The Wife and I feel like he is motivated to take the band to better levels than before, and shows a real interest in teaching. The "new" instructor they had last year just seemed bored all the time, and had problems with scheduling events, starting on time, and just seemed lazy in general.

I have pretty much finished up my morning routine, so  guess I should finish up here as well.


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