Wednesday, July 3

Late? No, Just Early For Next Time

I'm a little later in the day getting this post out. Not that anyone really cares, because it gives them something to do, checking back here every half hour to see if I post anything.

I'm doing things later this morning because I slept in. It wasn't intentional. I think the alcohol in my body made me do it. That, and I had no reason to get up early. I went out last night to the pub. Got a good 150 pages read in a book, and helped promote the economy by buying (and thus drinking) some beer. Of course, there were some shots done, thanks to a few people.

Needless to say, that doesn't ruin my whole day. I'm on track for tonight. But no major plans for tonight. The pool league is on break this week for the holiday, but I told the boys if they wanted we could meet up, shoot a few rounds, have a few beers. Good for the bar that sponsors us.

RM made some salsa yesterday. I got a text last night that if I wanted some I should get in touch with PT today to get it. I suppose I should give him a call, and head over there in about an hour or so. She said on her blog this morning that she made it a bit hotter than usual. Way cool.


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