Wednesday, July 24

Reconditioning for Early Mornings

The oldest son starts Band Camp today. That means he needs to be at the school by 8am each weekday now, pretty much until the start of school (Aug. 12th). I am usually up before that, so it is not too much effort to get moving, but getting him up ... that's a whole different story. Either way, once school starts, the morning time will be 6:30am that he needs to be ready to go at school for Zero Hour. That's the one I am not sure I am ready for.

I had watched a television show called "Longmire" which plays on the A&E network, through Netflix not that long ago. I forget what made it catch my eye, but I enjoyed it, and have been watching it weekly the day after it airs (online at the station's webpage). I had downloaded the book series it is based off of, and am now on book four (of about 10 books). I am a bit surprised I have been enjoying them so well, as I guess it would be considered a mystery series, with a Western flair. Shrug. Doesn't matter as long as I like them, I guess.

My Pool League season is drawing to a close. I think we have about three weeks of play to go yet. I am not sure what we are doing about a possible next season. I know I feel my pool playing ability has been in a downturn this past season, and again I am sure I will bring up the option to have me replace with a better player. My buddies had turned down that offer last season, stating it is for fun so my bad playing is not anything to worry about. That sure is nice of them. I think they only want me to stay on as I handle the responsibility of collecting/turning in the monies and score sheets, etc. No, I know they mean it. It is nice to have a night we can hang out and catch up between friends.

Well, I guess I should get off of here and start making sure the son has everything together to head to Band Camp.


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