Wednesday, May 13

Pre-Warning Reverend Mother

Welcome to Wednesday, the Hump Day of the week. Since a hump is like a bump, I'll have to include a pic of one prior to logging out today. Hence the title of today's post!

What's wonderful in my world today? That damn cat Rusty has already pissed me off this morning. Dumped a plant that the Wife 'conveniently' left on the desk. So now I have potting soil to clean up. Then he spilt his water in the carrier we keep him in overnight. Another mess to clean up. I am just not happy with that kitten. Told the Wife she should have ran him over. Spawn of Satan - indeed!

So as I am updating here, the Reverend Mother and I are IM'ing. Seems she is spending today as a work at home day. Supposedly that means she brought work from the office to the home to be done. However, she is already telling me she is allowed a lunch hour and is possibly wanting to meet up for lunch with her most favorite of her raised children - ME. Sorry Stuman and Sis, you just can't compete with this package. I told RM that I needed at least another hour's sleep and I would call her.

Soooo, that's the excitement for the day. Clean up cat messes, possible lunch with RM, and maybe an afternoon at the pub with my new book that arrived yesterday.

The son's concert last night was good. He had a solo playing "The Entertainer" on his French Horn that I did not know about until I arrived there. The Wife went to the daughter's choir concert and said it was good. Then we all had a late supper at Denny's. nothing like a lumberjack slam at 10 at night!

I decided not to upload the bump of the day, especially since I told RM that I was updating here this morning. I am sure she will be here within the hour to see what I posted.


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