Tuesday, May 26

Today could have been a Monday

I worked on scanning til about 4 this morning, then went to sleep on the couch. I awoke to the sound of the TV, so I shut it off and headed to the bedroom. That's when I noticed it was 10 after 7 and everyone was late. I rushed the daughter to band whilst the Wife rushed the boys to grandma's, then on to work. I went back to bed then.

But I got up and started scanning pics again this afternoon, and right now I am quitting for the night. too many hours sitting here on my bum doing that boring job. But I am a third of the way done.

So the issue with the daughter... ha! She comes home tonight, and immediately comes over to me (where I am scanning damn pics) and begins something about how Grandpa gave her the wrong dates for VBS.

Me: So.

Her: Well, that means that the 9th for the baseball game is open for me now.

Me: So.

Her: (best try at a puppy dog face) Dad, I am really sorry about getting mad at you last night about this, but now I am able to go.

Me: Says who? I don't know any details, you haven't asked me, and last night you explicitly tried to tell me it was none of my business.

This is when it got good and she started giving me details, and then asking about some grad party for a friend on Friday afternoon. Plus she had to know tonight so she could call the rides she would need. So the wife and I were discussing all the activity she has been planning, but her chores around the house weren't done. The daughter overheard us and immediately went out and mowed/weed-eated the front. Of course I pretty much approved her going out as long as her mom said she could and had chores done.

Amazing how a mis-date can bring up that apology for a know it all teenager. Wish I had that chance with my dad when I was growing up...

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I am going to the pub to celebrate a friend's bday. After I do some more scanning of course.


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