Saturday, May 2

Goin' ta play the Name Game

It's official now. We are keeping that spawn of Satan, the bringer of evil, the feline from hell. Gee, I make it sound bad, but only after spending $350 PLUS at the Vet, I guess I should be happy that the fucker should live - right?

HMPH! Either way, we now know it is a boy, about 5 weeks old, with a damn feline cold. So now it has 3 different meds for that, before we can even start the vac shots. The kids are excitied and are now trying to figure out a name.

So that brings out a little sporting in me. I will try to have a post up later today (Sat) with a pic of the beast. In comments, throw me your best name for the lil thing. By Wednesday, the family will consider all given suggestions plus our own and decide on a name.

If you win, you don't get anything but the satisfaction of a job well done.

And if you live close, maybe the first chance to shot at the damn thing if I decide to boot it out the door ... wait, that is supposed to be a joke. Notice I supposed to be.

I have two name considerations up already: Rusty (cus he's sorta rust colored) and DC (for Damn Cat).


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