Tuesday, May 19

I can't believe I am not drunk ....

Yes, it is true. I am sober at the time of this posting. I am usually not up at this hour, but tonight I spent late night watching the first 4 episodes of season 5 "Boston Legal". It just came out - been waiting months to watch the final season. That, and I was kicking some major ass on poker palace.

Now it is Tuesday, so I think I shall backtrack a couple days. Saturday I attended my friend's party and had one hell of a good time. I finally made it home after 4 am. So needless to say, Sunday was a rest/sleep/catch up day. My sister had bought a Harley and decided being the needy person she is (yes I know you are reading this) she just HAD to bugger me all weekend about it. First she calls me Saturday whilst I am at the party - first time I told her I was happy for her and would see it on the 25th. Then she calls back wanting to know what bar I am at so she can drive it there to show me. I explained I was at a party. Then Sunday she shows up waking me up to show me the bike. I was like "Fine. It looks nice. I am going back to bed."

Some other people's children.....

Monday was the oldest son's 11th birthday. We celebrated by going to the restaurant of his choice, which turned out to be Lonestar Steakhouse. Dinner was awesome. I did not embarrass him by letting them know, and singing/dancing/clapping for him did not take place. He opened presents when we arrived home.

That brings us back to this time of the morning. I need to work on doing a bunch of scanning of pics for the Wife. Do some of it tomorrow. The remaining 3 discs of "Boston Legal" should arrive by Wednesday - Thursday at the latest, and I shall be engrossed in them and not here for comment. That's your pre-warning.

In the meantime, have fun.


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