Thursday, May 21

Somethings take too much effort

Yesterday we received a piece of mail from the dentist office where the Wife and kids go. Normally, you would expect such as a bill after services rendered (if not paid up front). But this one was in a different type of envelope. It was addressed to the Wife (as she is the one that takes them - I'm too scared to go), so I waited until that evening to find out what it contained.

Turns out the middle son (6yrs) had had his name pulled in a drawing and won the stuffed attachment on his neck (it truly is not a tumor). The office had thought it was cute and sent us a copy of the pic (which was very nice of them). Notice, he was at the dentist, and he has a 3-tooth gap in that mouth... hehehe. No, I didn't feed him knuckle sandwiches, though at times I want to.

And since I have nothing better to waste our time with, here is another photo from the recent past.

This one is of Myself and my StepDad when we played a golf tournament a few years ago. In case you couldn't tell, I am the younger one.

So, it is Thursday and nothing special is happening today. I should get over to the local Walgreens to pic up some pics. I dropped off two cameras to be developed that I had found at the house. I still have two others to take in, but the Wife has them in her vehicle. Maybe I'll just wait until she is home to run up there.

I am still working on scanning pics. It is such a boring job.

Last night I completed watching the "Boston Legal" TV show on DVD. It had a nice, funny ending that clinched 5 seasons of what I thought was a good show. Now I am at a loss of what TV show to watch next.

By this time next week all the kids will be out of school. I don't know if I am looking forward to that. I may continue to send them to Grandma's house during the day as I don't have the patience to put with them all, at once, for long periods of time. I know, I am not the greatest father, but at least I know my limitations prior to possibly killing them.

That's about all I got today. Come back tomorrow for the fun update of how I spent today...if I do anything fun that is.


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