Thursday, February 14

Spend Your Money Here Day

Oh geez. It's that time of year again. Another Hallmark Holiday* is upon us, and like the crowd of followers, I, too, spent money. I know I didn't spend as much as some of you, but I did spend a little. The Wife is getting a store-bought card and a candy bar from me. A candy bar, you ask? Yes. There's a little story behind it - nothing personal, just mundane - and after picking out a card, I went and found a particular candy bar for her. Needless to say, it shows the thought behind it all, and that I was thinking of her specifically. Not that she might notice, but, hey ... it's worth a shot.

No plans today. Or tonight. I think the Wife gave me a present of letting me sort of sleep in this morning. This morning, she didn't wake me to take the oldest son to school, so I am guessing it was on purpose. Either that, or I was sleeping so deep she couldn't wake me. That has happened at times, but not of late. I know it was the best sleep I have had in at least a week or more. I think the beers last night helped.

Guess that is all I have for you today.


*The term "Hallmark Holiday" is a stolen item from Joe.

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