Wednesday, February 6

Not A Happy Camper

I was awakened several times over the course of the night. The Wife is coming down sick with a cold, and her hacking seemingly all night long left much sleeping to be desired. Fortunately, today is my off day for the gym, so in theory I could sleep in to catch up on some of those missing Z's. Alas, that is not meant to be, as upon waking, my sinuses are clogged up, and I feel the beginnings of a sinus headache. I have come to the conclusion, that the Wife may have passed her cold on to me. Damn the Woman! So, she has taken some Dayquil, and on her way out the door mentions she may be back sooner than she plans. In her line of work, being sick the least bit gets you sick time, and she sounds bad already. Me, I am going to take some dayquil and try to avoid feeling any worse.

The Wife FINALLY got around to getting her phone updated last night. We had been with Alltell until Verizon bought them out. The Daughter and I had more recently updated our phones, but the Wife had not. For the past 2 months or more, Verizon has been texting and mailing the Wife about how she needs to upgrade her phone from the Alltel one, to a Verizon one, as their changes go in to effect Feb. 7th. These changes would basically kill of her ability to send receive pictures and other data, but texts and regular calls could still be done. She needed an upgrade anyways, as she was past the 2 years mark. So now she has a data phone. She changed our whole plan around so now all of us have the unlimited texts, plus 1 Gb of data per month amongst all phones (though she has the data phone, not us) all for about $10 more a month than what we had before. I say - Whatever! Either way, I get the extreme joy of taking her pictures off her old camera to save, as I am the one with an SD chip. And having to save the pics one by one to disc....UGH! I am down to about 80 to go yet, so should be done in the next 45 minutes (I hope).

So what else is going to be a bummer for me today? No fricking clue. I'll probably lose at pool tonight bad....


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