Tuesday, February 19

Return To the Grind

Another Monday that the Guvamint calls a holiday has passed by. Almost makes me want to get the calendar down and see how many of these unnecessary holidays there are, but why waste the time? I would rather spend it wasting yours.

That brings us to Tuesday morning, and the regular trip over to MIL's for her to go shopping. I also get to do an extra one tomorrow as the Wife has a dental check-up to go to. The Wife 'conveniently' though she set the appointment for later, but Noooooooo. She did it early enough in the morning I have to go help out. She might have done it so she wouldn't have to help. I don't know.

Had a great breakfast with PT yesterday. I even ended up bringing about half of it home as I couldn't eat it all. Last time we had met there, I scarfed it all down, but not yesterday. The oldest son had my leftover when I got home. I also had all three boys home yesterday. By 5'ish, I was ready for them to kill each other, and if the attempt(s) would have been made, I would have let them do it with no obstruction from me. Just the usual sibling arguing and yelling/play screams gave me such a headache, and put my nerves on edge, I just wanted them quiet, and I didn't care how. Maybe that makes me not a good Dad, I don't know, don't care. I just can't take that screaming and all. At least the house is back to it's quiet self today.

Looking to hear from a prospective employer today. A friend gave me a good lead on a job, and I contacted them about employment opportunities. Nothing heard from as of yesterday, so maybe today. If no contact, them maybe I shall call them tomorrow to follow up. Would be nice to get back to working: on the checking account and just in general.


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