Monday, February 18

Got To Love A Free Breakfast

Today is President's Day, and for those of you that have had, or have, children, you know today is a day they are not attending school. In making plans for today, I had not even thought about that issue. But things will still work out fine. Thankfully one of them is old enough to watch the others while I am out. I get to collect on the SuperBowl bet Preacher Tom and I made. It's a breakfast bought by the loser from a restaurant called Fast Eddie's. Not a bad little place. I had breakfast there once and it was very filling and good.

We had both planned on meeting up at the gym this morning, then going to breakfast. I was going to wake he older son up to be awake at the time I normally drop him off at school. But before the alarm even went off this morning, PT was saying he was not going to the gym, due to doing a long walk yesterday, and was going to go later instead. I let him know that was fine, we would meet up for the breakfast still, as I had forgotten the boys were out of school anyways. Needless to say, I am not going to the gym, instead choosing to bless you with this drivel this morning.

The Wife mentioned to me this morning, that she had not slept as well as normal. Seems she was having some pretty weird dreams. I commented that I, too had had a couple weird ones, one of which I woke up from, with half a shout going on. She had fixed a nice dinner yesterday - pork cutlets, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes. nothing there I would have thought that would cause the dreams. Maybe it was because we watched 'The Walking Dead', even though our dreams weren't about zombies.... Who knows.

I'm outta here to get ready for breakfast.


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