Monday, February 25

And The Oscar Goes To .....

I never really understood the movies award shows. The television, or music ones either. I haven't grasped why there is a need for a small group of people to decide what movie/song/album/TVshow is the best in whatever category there is, and then give that artist/actor/person/group/director some icon, be it a gold statue or whatever. That being said, last night I once again missed watching the Oscars. I have missed all the award shows for the past several years to be exact. No, I don't care who looked glamorous, or had the most expensive dress. I don't care that Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for his portrayal in 'Lincoln'. If I have an interest in a damn movie, I will watch it and make my own decision. Why should someone else tell me what I think is good or not? More government mentality.

This should be a fairly uneventful week. The oldest son has AIMS testing, so has half-days the first couple days. The two younger ones have dental check-ups I will be taking them this afternoon. Yeah, and that is all I see on the calendar this week.

The thing I hated most about this weekend? The jury summons I received on Friday for next month. Bah!


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