Friday, February 22

Feeling Adventurous? Not Me!

Today, our youngest son is going on his first school field trip. They are headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens here in the Valley,over by the Phoenix Zoo. It is a garden (obviously) of many of the plants local to our desert environment, in their natural setting. Basically, you pay to walk around and read placards about the plants. I am sure since it is school related, it has something to do with something they are learning. Back at the Parent-Teacher conference a couple weeks ago, his teacher had mentioned about it, and that they could only take three chaperones due to the seating, number of kids, and the limited number of buses the district was allowing them to use. So with that small number, I don't know how the Wife got picked, but thank everything it wasn't me. Of course, I wasn't stupid to volunteer. We would probably be a few kids short when they did a headcount for the ride back.

So that means my regular Friday routine has been altered. Not that I am complaining this time as it is in my favor things changed. I haven't decided what I am going to do with the extra time on my hands. RM would say to do something positive and constructive, but I know my limitations.

In other news, I made it to the gym this morning, even if I felt a bit frozen walking in there. IT was like 42 out this morning. I decided to weigh myself today, even though I just did it Tuesday. I am down to the lowest I have been in years. Really helped me put a little more into the workout this morning, and I feel more worn out from it, which I prefer to think of as a good thing.

I got nothing else today. Have a good weekend!


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