Tuesday, February 26

A Little Something Special

Today is the youngest son's birthday. David turns seven years old. Most of his presents will have a dinosaur theme, or be dinosaur in some way, of that have no doubt. That was all he could think of when asked what he wants for presents. He has been on that kick for ... well, for most of his life. Between that and Star Wars that is. With today being his birthday, he gets to pick where we will have dinner tonight, and already he is leaning towards Peter Piper Pizza - a pizza place that has lots of interactive games. Sort of like a Chucky Cheese joint, but the food is a little cheaper (not by much though).

Edit: Thought I should throw a pic in to see how gosh darn cute he is!

In trying to think of a particular funny story about my son, I seem to gloss over so many things. I think about the injuries (self-inflicted, and those from his siblings). Many of the things he has said, or how they were said. I think I will share a few of those today.

(On Religion about 3-4 years old): Rusty (the cat) was curled up in the sink. David turned on the water and said, "There, Rusty, now you're baptized!"

(On kisses): 1/12/10 - David (in his most innocent 3-year-old voice) whispers: Kisses will get me out of trouble ... hugs will get me out of trouble, too.

(On hygiene): 3/2/2010 - Our most recent Superhero proclamation: "NakedBoy will brush his teeth ... FOREVER!!!” (compliments of David following a shower -- refused to put his PJs on before brushing his teeth)

(On finances): 04/4/2010 – The Wife had been doing laundry, and at one point had loudly asked the older boys if they had left any money in their clothes. Before anyone could answer, David firmly says, “It’s mine!”

(On parenting issues): 06/9/2010 - The big boys had been sent to bed, but were not quieting down. David went to their door, and in his most serious, scolding voice said, "this is your last choice -- go to bed now, or stay up all night!" When they responded with, "Yea! Stay up all night!", David said, "OK, this is you last choice -- go to bed now, or die!"

(On candy): 07/01/2010 – The question came up about jelly beans. Daddy says to David, “Well, what’s my favorite kind?” David, without missing a beat says, “Mine.”

(On verbal manipulation): 9/11/2010 - David: mom, can I have a pudding? 
Mom: Maybe.
David: Yes means yes, and no means no. Am I smart?
Mom: Yes.
David: You said Yes! Maybe means Yes! (and off he ran to get a pudding)

(On avoiding trouble): 12/4/2010 - Mom: David, what are you hiding in your pocket?

David: Nothing
Mom: So, if I checked your pockets I wouldn't find anything?
David: Yep
Mom: So, which pocket should I check first?
David: This one... two times.

(On training pets): 08/13/2011 - ‎(Overheard David singing a home-made lullaby to Daisy): Calm down... don't lick us in the ears ... go to sleep ... I love you so much .. be very, very nice ... you are my puppy ... I love you so very, very much ... just calm down and give some kisses to us ... don't bite .. just give kisses ...

(On being compassionate): 03/15/2012 - I love my son's soft heart. David saw his extra backpack at Grandma's and was talking about transferring everything over to it (Star Wars - he loves it), but decided to wait until later. The next day, he came home talking about his friend at school who "has to carry his papers home in his hands every day, 'cuz he doesn't have a backpack". David told Grandma that he wanted to bring him a backpack. After Grandma showed him several extras she had, he decided to give him his new Star Wars backpack (because his friend likes Star Wars, too).

As you can see, sometimes it is pretty hilarious being around my munchkin!


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