Thursday, February 21

Too Old to be Doing This

I realized this morning, I am not able to do things I once did in my youth. In this particular instance, I am talking about being out late at night and drinking. Last night was our pool league, and as usual, we hung around having 'a couple' more after the games were over. When I next realized the time, it was near midnight, so I headed home. This morning at 6:30'ish, the Wife wakes me to drive the oldest to school, and I just couldn't get moving. I was able to get up and take him, then once I returned home, went straight back to bed. Yeah, going to the gym was not an option today. Needless to say, by 10am, I was feeling much better, and able to face the world.

And it is a cool one at that. Yesterday brought the temperature down to the low-mid 50's, and showers throughout the day. In fact, the eastern part of the Valley got snow, as did all the mountains around here. The Daughter sent a phone picture of the snow Tucson got as well. I personally did not see any snow falling, but that was because I was inside where it was warmer than the outside. Of course, the snow didn't stick around long, as the temps are supposed to be climbing back up to be mid-70's by next week. Weird weather for AZ.

I have been feeling conceited the past couple days. I had met up with one of my buddies, and through the course of our multi-directional conversation(s), we got to talking about his daughter, who is a new YA genre author. My friend mentioned he thought I should write a few novels, and that he thinks they would be good as he had read some of my short stories and enjoyed them. Makes me feel like Tolkien, or some other author that is so well-known for writing an epic work of literature. But now makes me wonder: could I do that? Would I be able to create a story long enough for a novel? Then the thoughts of self-doubt come along, and problem after problem forecasting, the what-if's, and the fear of failing. Yeah. Not so smug about myself now. Shrug. Oh well, Life goes on.


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