Monday, February 4

Time to Recuperate

Oh, man! I had a great time yesterday with friends at the party I went to for the Super Bowl. By halftime, I had given up watching the game, and spent my time conversing with people, and stuffing my face. Like previous parties, the amount of food available was outrageous, and it was all good. I attest to this because I dang near had a bit of each, and some a little bit more than I should have. My buddy Don had made some bacon & cheese jalapeno poppers that were very tasty. Another buddy Jan had made his chili, and toss in some extra diced onions, and a bit of the nacho cheese sauce.... MM MMM GOOD!

Need less to say, I spent extra time at the gym doing a bit more than my usual workout, in order to burn off some of those goodies I had yesterday. So, at this point in time, I am feeling a rubbery, though completely refreshed after the gym and a shower. I am sure I will be griping about how much I may hurt tomorrow morning, but it is so worth it.

Nothing great going on this week. Football is completely over until August. Baseball doesn't start for a few yet, and the only time wasters for ESPN now is hockey and basketball. Both of which I could care less about. Gives me more time to read, and maybe watch movies. Bonus. Next week Preacher Tom will be taking me out to breakfast at Fast Eddie's. It's a nice place that has some good food, and the coffee doesn't taste like dishwater. I get the breakfast as winner of the wager on the game yesterday. I ran into PT at the gym this morning, and we will figure out a day next week.


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